Sunday, November 09, 2008

The stupid mistake

Being a foreigner in this country, I might not know things that are obvious to the local, thus make me look stupid in certain situation. Here I'm sharing one which at the time of the occurrence, I just want to bang my head into the wall.

By Oct 1 every car in France has to be equipped with an emergency kit. The company committee (CE) proposed to buy this kit for its employees at an attractive price. This was announced through emails and one of them stated that payment will be accepted through check, credit card or restaurant ticket.

On the day of distribution, I was happy that I remembered to bring a restaurant ticket plus cash to pay for it. When I handed it to the guy, he looked at me and said:"but it was a joke!" Turned out that the email about paying with restaurant ticket was an obvious joke that everybody understood but me. I felt so embarrassed and yet relieved as we were the only two at the scene, at least no one else will know that I believe I could pay anything with the restaurant ticket! What was I thinking!

Worst, hubby told everyone in his office about this incident and they had a good laugh. They just couldn't understand who on earth can miss out this kind of joke. Well, I can. :-)


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    I'm a malaysian living in Houston,TX. I love to read your blog, that joke was really funny..ha ha ha ha

  2. It's cute and sweet--which is exactly what the French people thought of your taking the resto ticket option literally! Adorable! Don't give it a second thought!

  3. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Office Joke: You are innocently cute-Not at all stupid. May I ask what is a restaurant ticket? Is it commonly used in France?

  4. I too want to know what a restaurant ticket is as I would have fallen for the joke as well. LOL!

  5. Guys,

    Please refer to my previous post about restaurant ticket:

    It is meant to pay for food or grocery only.

  6. hehehehe... great one to tell the grandkids in the future!!! tee-hee