Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Malaysianized spouse

In a mixed marriage the couple influences each other with their own culture, background. The other day I was looking for soya sauce (an essential ingredient in Chinese cooking), I was told by hubby that he has finished it. To be frank, I seldom use soya sauce here, I found them too salty. Hubby uses frequently soya sauce and sesame oil, I just make sure I fill the stock on time.

We got these chili peppers as Christmas gift. In Malaysia, you could see a small plate of cut chili dipping in soya sauce. I was never a big fan, but now this small plate of cut chili appears in our dining table here from time to time. Who eats them? Not me!

Between, could you tell what's wrong with the calendar?

The only Chinese New Year deco I made this year. Aelig was not interested, I lost motivation after making one. I have been showing her some CNY songs though, she loved them. This evening I asked what she would say when we call "wai po" (my mother), she sang "Kong Xi Ni". Now that's my girl, hope she would sing it again when I call my mother.

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  1. What's wrong with the calendar? The rat comes before the pig. Lol.

    Happy CNY. First time commenting although I have been enjoying ur blog and writing for quite some time.