Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter is coming

I didn't think that I would be intrigued by this type of novel: middle age background + war. But I did, I was hooked since the beginning and swallowed both of the books within 1.5 months.

It started like this: from time to time hubby proposes me movie / series that would suit my taste. He had doubt for this one though, as I was bored while watching The Lord of the Rings. We watched the first episode of HBO TV series "Game of Thrones", and I was not into it at the first 20 minutes. The patient paid off as the more I watched it the more I got hooked. We finished the 10 episodes in three evenings. I couldn't wait to know what happened next, so hubby got the first two books as my birthday gift.

There are 5 books available in the market and two more are planned. My heart wants to buy the remaining three as soon as possible, but I hesitated. When I like a book, I want to finish it quick. Yesterday I read until wee hour and had been "abandoned" Aelig till I flipped through the last page. She was reading beside me, nagging me to do something else with her, but I didn't pay her much attention, instead I asked her to go see her daddy whenever she asked for something. On Saturday the sun was shinning but I didn't bring her out. Guilt filled me but it was too late, winter is really here, it was cold outside and it was getting dark. I brought her out anyway, but the playground was deserted, she could only play with me. I had been a bad mum, I should probably take sometime off the book.

Well, winter is really coming, it is freaking cold out there.


  1. Well, can't blame you. I am also addicted to it. Currently reading book 2 and I would sometimes be up until the wee hours of the morning buried in this wondeful novel.y husband, who has read all 5 books, is asking me to hurry up reading book 2 because book 3 is supposedly the most exciting book of all! Glad to find a fellow fan. Ps. Cheers for Peter Dinkage who won a Golden Globe for the series.

  2. ... and made a statement against violent attacks on dwarves.

    I too finished book 2 just yesterday :). But I'm a much less dedicated reader than you are since I started reading the books last summer. I purchased the 4 books box set just after the series ended.

    Well anyway I don't see much point in rushing since the author is known to write really slowly : it took 6 years between books 4 and 5.