Monday, January 02, 2012

A week of child-free time

Happy New Year 2012!

New Year's even party is over and we had a blast! Aelig was having a great time too, she went with her grandparents to a dancing party (fest-noz). I don't have photos yet so I will post them in another post.

After Christmas celebration, we left Aelig with her grandparents as the sitter was on vacation. I think it is great to be child-free from time to time. These were what we did which would not be possible / would be complicated when Aelig was around:

- slept till 8am everyday before moving our asses to work
- went to restaurants several times and dined as a couple
- had food delivered to our place
- eating junk food as we wish (I don't want her to eat junk food so I won't eat junk in front of her)
- read for several hours uninterrupted

Activities she had with her grandparents:
- went to have walk on a beach
- went Brittany dancing
- went to visit family
- ate healthy
- played in the garden
- Grandma sang French song and read French stories to her

Everyone had a great time. After a week, we were very happy to have the angel back.

Now back to routine.


  1. I am green with envy .. a week without children!! in my dream....

    It is great that Aelig is bonding well with her grandparents ... great experience for her ..

  2. I'm glad Aelig had a blast with her grandparents. This should bring them closer. My kids always stay at my parents' home in retirement communities New York every time I have an important business flight.