Saturday, January 07, 2012

Saturday Morning Bread Hunt #6

Wow, it has been six months and I have not continued the bread hunt series. The bakery was closed for several weeks in summer and we didn't pick up the routine after. Blame it to laziness and discouraging weather.

The sun was shining warmly this morning. I decided to go run some errands and brought Aelig along. She got to try out her Christmas gift from Santa: the tricycle. She doesn't know how to pedal yet so I had to push her along.

I bought her a pain au chocolat and told her that the croissant was for her daddy. She was super motivated after hearing this, climbing upstair as quickly as she can. Once arrived, she ran into our bedroom and found nobody. She then rushed to the study room and found daddy there. She was so proud to present the croissant to him.

A happy girl with her pain au chocolat.

Just a side note, she surprised me today. We were looking at this picture, I pointed at one strawberry and could not find the word in Mandarin. Seeing that I was struggling to find the word, she looked at me and said: "Cao mei". Wow, I didn't know she remember that word! This shows how I should continue teaching her words, and even though she might not say it immediately, it is actually registered in her brain. I then pointed to one cherry and told her "Ying Tao". She shaked her head and corrected me: "No, c'est ping guo" (No, it is apple). Ok I was pretty convinced that it was cerise, but I agree that it could be taken as an apple if you do not consider the leaf on the top.

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