Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes to King Cake...or actually the dough

January is King's Cake month, we get to eat la galette des rois (The Kings' cake), and the person who has the figurine (la fève) inside the cake could be king or queen for the day.

I decided to make one myself this year, as those sold in the bakeries are very expensive. Hubby bought one for 6 persons and it cost 12.50€. The smallest one for 4 persons is sold for 8.50€.

I got the recipe from my Taiwanese friend's cookbook. Aelig loved it, well, precisely, she preferred the dough (pâte feuiletée bought from supermarket). See how she was tearing the dough off, she did it several times until I had to stop her. In the recipe I was supposed to cut the extra dough off to make a perfect round shape. We didn't want to waste it so we folded underneath.

My first attempt. It must be a curse, I usually don't like the dessert I made myself, but it pleased hubby. As for Aelig, she didn't even take a bite. Well, maybe I have to replace the frangipane with chocolate filling.

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