Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lembing - The nostalgia

Lembing has its unique charm that caught my attention. It resembles my home town in a way in the 80s 90s. My home town has since developed at an amazing way that the traditional architecture gradually being replaced by the westernized designs.
Malay style kampung house 1
Malay style kampung house 2
Animals running between two houses.
Wooden shop houses
The old style association building


  1. I find it very sad when things are replaced with the new. In the eyes of people who have old souls it hurts as the beauty we once loved is gone and replaced by shiny and new. I loved your story have a great day!

  2. Did you go to Melaka? I saw many houses as beautiful as those you saw, on my last trip to Melaka and of course like you have said they are getting less and less :(
    Same thing over here in france..not so much of building but furnitures, housewhole items.. coz i love going to mache des puce and it's amazing what we can find there..