Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3.3 year old

She makes me speechless.
During gatherings we usually have some wine / alcohol, and for the kids we serve fruit juices.
Sometimes Aelig wants to taste our drink, so we have to tell her that alcoholic drinks are for adults.
Me: "When you grow as tall as papa, you can drink alcohol".
One day hubby put her on his shoulder.
Her:"Look maman, I'm so tall."
Me:" Oh yes you have grown so tall!"
Her:"I can drink alcohol now, can I?"
Me."..." speechless.

She likes to catch me making mistakes.
I was reading to her a bed time story.
We turned to a page with a photo of a giraffe trying to read a book.
Me:"Look,  the kangaroo is reading.."
Before I got a chance to finish, she cut me.
Her:"Maman, you did a mistake, it was a giraffe!"
Me:"Oh sorry, you are right, it was a giraffe."
Her:"Oh maman."
She was very proud of herself whenever she caught me making a mistake.

Everything is consisted of a father, mother and a baby / babies.
She collected a bunch of stones.
Her: "Maman, the one big is the papa, this is the maman, and all these are their babies."
She saw some butterflies in a book.
And each time I read that book, she has to interrupt me to show the father, mother and baby butterflies.
She picked some flowers.
The big one is a father, the medium one is a mother, the small one is their baby.

She is a lady (this is a comment from hubby).
We went to a charity fundraising run organized by the school.
While waiting for the run to start, she was playing alone. A male classmate approached her and wanted to play with her. She looked at him, decided to ignore him.
We went to a restaurant.
While seated, a boy her age drew a French flag and asked his mother to give it to Aelig.
She liked him, so she went over to make friend with him.
But, most of the time, she just sat there, and the boy kept coming over to pass her some color pencils.
Before he left, he invited Aelig to his birthday party.

I started teaching her some characters in Mandarin.
It is very handy as these words appear in most of her books.
大 = big
小 = small
一 = one
二 = two
三 = three


  1. c'est super de pouvoir lui apprendre le mandarin déjà à cet âge .

    Il faut en profiter pour "moduler" son larynx avant qu'il ne soit trop tard .

    Bon courage tout de même car c'est un travail de longue haleine .

  2. She sounds like a great little girl!