Tuesday, March 12, 2013

François Hollande errrrhé

I might have said it in one of my posts, that being a politician in France is not easy, as you are constantly being humiliated / criticized/ caricatured.

Being the French president, François Hollande is the easy target. For example, whenever he appears in Les Guignols on Canal Plus, they would portrait him as someone who is afraid of his girlfriend, someone who hides himself during the cat flight between his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend. And, he would finish his speech / interview with a "errrrhé", in a funny way. You can see one of the episodes on Youtube here. The "errrrhé" expression comes at the 20th second.

 Photo source

Aelig watches Les Guignols with us from time to time. Sometimes I would tell her who's who on the program. This evening we saw François Hollande on the news. Here was our conversation:

Me: Look, this is François Hollande, your president.
Aelig: Ohhhh, François Hollande, errrrhé (imitating Hollande's tone).
Me and hubby looked at each other and started laughing.
She was elated to see us laughing, so she repeated it again.
Aelig: François Hollande, errrrhé (then laugh hysterically).
We simply couldn't stop laughing and giggling.

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