Sunday, March 17, 2013

A playdate

During the weekday, sometimes it would be very painful to get Aelig to go to school.

She doesn't want to dress nor comb her hair.
She wants mummy to send her instead of daddy.
She wants to be held instead of walking alone.
She wails, tries to slow down the process, refuses to put on the shoes herself.

This morning, she was super motivated, she obeyed everything we asked her to.
She jumped into the bathtub and sang happily to all her animals.
She finished her milk in no time.
She dressed willingfully.
She tidied up her toys.
She even went to pick up her coat and scarf so that we could move our asses quicker.

And what made her being so motivated?
We were going to her friend's house for a playdate.

I'm seeing already how she would behave when she's going to see her boyfriend.


  1. lol... i think more like an innate sense for social activities?

  2. This is a great post! thanks for sharing!