Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Chinese don't pay ransom

Just want to jot down what I saw on a TV program last week.

It was a debate program discussing about the kidnapping of French citizenship in Mali.

One of the guest had this comment:
"Why do they kidnap French? Because French people pay huge ransom (either by the government or private sector).

"You don't see them kidnapping Chinese (and we do not lack Chinese), because Chinese people don't pay".

Just found this comment interesting and hilarious. In fact I have not heard of terrorists kidnapping Chinese. My opinion, beside what the guest thought, another reason is that Chinese government does not have as high profile as The French government in Mali or in general in Africa. Is like if you want to have high attention of the world, it is better to kidnap a celebrity (in this case French) than a nobody (in this case Chinese).

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