Monday, October 01, 2007

Free call to Malaysia

Starting from today I can call Malaysia for free. This service is presented by my internet provider, Free, who also provide the phone services and digital TV on the same package. They already have free phone calls to countries like US, China and Singapore for quite some time, and now they have expanded this free services to more countries.

I like the fact that internet technologies have made communication less and less costly. However, my mother just told me that they will cancel the fixed phone line at home because each month it costs them around RM50 (around 10 euros) even though she doesn't use it much.

I just wish Malaysia can be as advance in terms of internet services. In US and France, people call fixed phone to fixed phone for free within the country. I'm paying 29,99 euros for TV, phone and internet, but Malaysian need to pay all of these services differently.


  1. It's not automatically free to call from a fixed line to another fixed line in France - you need to have a VOIP internet line first, and that's not available everywhere.

    Before moving, we didn't have one, and it cost us anywhere from 2-12 cents per minute to call within France. Not to mention that it cost about 30 cents per minute to call from a fixed line to a cell phone!! I always thought that was so crazy, considering we only paid 1.8 cents per minute to call the US!!

  2. Oh you are right, I meant people who use the internet package to call. In US fixed line have free local calls but will incur charges when call to other states. But usually people have cellphone with 2-3k minutes to burn so it was not a big deal for me to place outstate call.

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I have that too and I get to call back home in Singapore for free. It's so cool.

  4. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Haha.. then you can call back home frequent lol..

  5. Anonymous3:15 AM

    What about Skype?

  6. Hi cooking ninja thanks for dropping by. It's good to have this free service.

    Just called home but the fixed line will be cut off soon. Will have to pay if want to call hand phone.

    My mother doesn't know how to use skype and they don't have high speed internet. My internet provider gives better rate to call hand phone in Malaysia.