Monday, November 26, 2007

An eye opener: school canteen on strike

I don't know what say. The school canteen is on strike. I had never heard of this in my life. In my whole life I had never thought of canteen can also go on strike.

Whenever we have class in the afternoon, me and a group of classmates would go to eat in one of the two University canteens. They serve good food with cheap price: 2.80 euros for an appetizer, main plate and dessert. Of course the canteen operation is heavily subsidized by the government. We always have good time there.

Today, I was so disappointed and shocked. I had to buy a sandwich for lunch. Unthinkable.


  1. hahaha... now... this is news. canteen?? wow... people power... workers' power!

  2. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Haha, Bee Ean, now you have to tapau your lunch, lor!

  3. puteri,

    I don't like to tapau lunch, too troublesome, 2.80 is so cheap lah for a meal. Just hope that the strike will finish soon.