Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Met the nice French civil servants

Due to one of my project assignments, we had an interview with the big IT guys in the City Hall. They were so helpful! I mean we are just students, they didn't have to devote so many time to us. They didn't go for the strike too.

I don't know whether this could happen in Malaysia. Contact and interview the civil servant in say the Transportation Department, I'm sure they will pass us like a ball or be entertained by the small guy.

What a relief, finally find something good to write about the French. :-) I'm praying no more blockage for our faculty. There were a group of students still gathered in front of the faculty just next to our building, it seemed that they are not happy that we started the classes again. :-(

1 comment:

  1. In Malaysia, have to use connections baru don;t get 'kick around'. Other wise....But who knows maybe they have been changes made.

    I hope the students on strikes won;t turn violence to those who resume classes.

    U take care now.