Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We got a nutcracker, yeah!

My MIL came by and gave us a lot of stuffs, one of them is this nutcracker. Of course she bought us the nuts too. I found the nutcracker very useful and it cracks easily.

While looking at wikipedia why there is a Ballet show calls "The Nutcracker", I found this picture. According to wikipedia:
  • These nutcrackers portray a person with a large mouth which the operator opens by lifting a lever in the back of the figurine. Originally one could insert a nut in the big-toothed mouth, press down and thereby crack the nut.
  • The ballet The Nutcracker derives its name from this festive holiday decoration.
Can you imagine opening the mouth of these status and crack a nut? I don't know how it would work actually.

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