Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Study nightmare

Our visiting professor from the USA arrived this week, and we will have class with him tomorrow. The person in charge of our course just sent out an email, asking us to go download some articles and prepare for the class. The preparation involves reading materials of 50 pages.

This person in charge is also our professor for one of the classes, and he requested us to read 3 articles as well.

Conclusion: I have like 6 articles to read and I started only at 11pm. I was in the school whole day for other group assignments, then got invited to hubby's friend's place for dinner.

Life as a student could be very tiring. I missed the time where I went to work, came home 6pm, spent the whole night doing nothing, and at the end of the month money appeared in my account. Those sweet old times.


  1. Just hang in there.. Think of what u will be getting after all the hassles..


  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Tell me about it!

    I got myself so stressed up that I went back to Malaysia to see a psychiatrist. Sigh!

  3. If anyone want to talk about stress and busy it is me :).

    I cook 21 meals a week (7x3).
    Study full times and make sure my grade is 90 and above.
    Blog 6 posts a day which include 3 paid post.
    Do an hour of gold and silver stock research everyday :).
    Teach my 4 years old to learn 7year old curriculum every night.
    Take him to piano lesson :).

    Don't worry BE, think about it like this, it will finally end and you will have a golden rice bowl like me :):).

    The worst thing about study is after you graduate, you are un-employ, that is sad to me !

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Agreed that life as a student really tiring.. I still do not have strength to continue my master study.. :(

  5. Anonymous5:49 PM

    This sounds like me, right now, and I couldn't agree more. Also, all of my deadlines are midnight California time, which means I have to stay up until 9 am French time to complete projects to get them to Cali by email/upload before the deadline.

    And then there are friends here that want to spend time with you but don't understand the demands of your education. Especially when you have to pay for said can be really tiring and frustrating.