Monday, November 05, 2007

When your teammate didn't do her/his work...

What do you do in this situation?

The assignment was given two weeks ago. I sent out an email to my teammate last Wednesday and the due date was today. My teammate agreed to do the part. However yesterday, a day before the due date, I still didn't get the part, so I sent out an email. I got a reply, saying that there was no time for the job to be done. The latest available time for this person would be 1 hour before the due date.

Me, what did I do? I covered the part yesterday night. Submitted today, with that person's name. I didn't eat lunch as I was told those who wanted to present should prepare a Power Point Presentation.

We did a good presentation, I did most of the work.

What would you do if you were me?


  1. May be can request to do it individually? That way fair for both party.

    Cause maybe ur classmate is busy with work and family.

    I experienced that when i did my MBA. Most students are SHELL employees. They can get very busy till delay in submittng assignments.

    Therefore i think can request to do it individually. Plus some students may have left the school environment a long time...maybe still need to get use to.

  2. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I encountered the same situation as you. In office, I got 4 team mates, we do our works based on job queue coming in FIFO. But when there is a difficult job coming in, some team mates do not want to do it. Then I am the only one who take the job.. sometimes I feel unfair.. :( BUT I told myself, God will know who is the one who do the job and I will be rewarded by God.. I hope..

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    A friend of mine at the university had one of her team mates kicked out of her group because this person didn't do her part as a group and she told her professor about it and get the permission from the prof to strike that person's name out. It's not fair to you nor your other team mates.

  4. Oh I hate it when that happenes.

    Hmmmph perhaps having that person replaced is the best thing to do

  5. It was a tricky situation. This student is very different from the rest of the class. She works full time while taking classes, and she had a big presentation yesterday in the class. So she couldn't take time off for this project. However she should have told me earlier that she couldn't contribute. I was nice this time, but I would definitely report this to the professor if she ever partner with me again and don't perform as requested.

  6. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I've been into same situation. I cover up for the person but no more another time.

  7. Bee Ean ... I thought you handled the situation really well. People should be given second chances if the situation warrants it. You should make this person fully aware of your feelings if your have not done so. Even if you have spoken with her, send her an email to the effect. That way, you have ammunition if the same thing occurs again.