Friday, November 23, 2007

Short cut to Georgia State MBA program

"Robinson's Flexible MBA Program was ranked #8 in the nation in the US News and World Report's 2008 survey published in March 2007." This is what I read in Georgia State MBA program website.

So, why am I telling you guys this here? In fact, the course I'm doing now has an exchange agreement with Georgia State Robinson College. Two of my classmates are actually going to study one semester there.

This is just a nice short cut to enter Georgia State MBA program. If you apply from the USA, you need to have super high GMAT score, and it cost USD64,000 to foreign student. But if you go from my University, you don't even have to take GMAT exam. A good TOEFL score is sufficient, plus you pay only the living expenses (USD5k), as the school fees were supposed to be covered by the students or professors who would come to study in my University.

Of course this is just for one semester, but it seems that if you managed to study one semester there, you will have very high chance to be accepted to complete the whole MBA program next time.

A nice short cut hah?


  1. US$64k, my goodness, so expensive ! Foreign students actually want to spend that kind of money for a degree? , that is too amazing ! Wow, I could easily identify a few that can generate quite a good cash flow with $64k investment and of course the amount of profit if you buy a few juniors gold stocks.
    That is I thought my pastor said 90% of the people in the world does not make sense.
    And the other question is can all these graduates get a decent job with the kind of Economy nowadays ?

    It really does not make sense to spend US$64k for education. I spent nothing for my program and I am guarantee employment without even have to be interviewed.

  2. typo error :a few business opportunities such as small business franchise.

  3. Jamy,

    It's for long temp investment. I have known of people paying this kind of fees, and once they graduated, directly hired by fortune 500 firms and earn big money. This for them it's just peanut compares to what they are going to earn. A lot of them actually get salary that is more than 64k a year.

    The USA Universities have good reputation overseas. When you are a daughter from a rich family or a son to a politician, and you are graduated from top US universities, suddenly people play respect to you. So, good investment after all!

  4. I see what you mean now, BE. Good explanation. I did not see it that way :):) before you explained, thank you.

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