Friday, April 11, 2008

Car pooling to work

I have been carpooling to work for exactly two weeks now. Besides saving on petrol and share the driving task with others, I get to practice my French with these cool guys everyday.

There are 4 of us so I need to drive only once a week and twice every three weeks. When it was my turn to drive I got very nervous since I drive slower (the other three are guys) and don't want to make anyone arrives late at work. Luckily in this industry working hours are quite flexible. I mean your boss won't blame if you arrive 5 minutes late.

In the morning usually those who don't drive try to catch up with some sleep. The journey is about 1 hour 15 minutes. On the way back we usually chat all the ways home. It is such a good training as I found myself to be able to eloquently express an opinion and not afraid to be judged. Since they are on the same industry and in the middle of their professional life, I get to ask them questions that I don't dare to ask at work.

I have since driven twice and it seemed that they are not scared of my driving skills, so I think I passed my probation period with them. :-)


  1. BE,
    I mean to ask you how your work but does not want to sound 'kapo' but since you write this post, so how is work here in France compare to US ?

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    yeah car pool better.. now i take lrt.. save more

  3. Jamy,

    I'm still observing, will make a post later.

    My work is 100km away no LRT available to make this distance. They don't even have bus as when there is a train service there will not be a bus service.