Saturday, April 05, 2008

French pao (bun)

After lunch hubby said he prepared some "pao" for me. He was referring to "pao" as the Chinese bun I showed him in Malaysia. When I look at it, it was actually some bread stuffed with chocolate. What a nice way to eat a bun. Hubby actually had a hard time to accept the concept of the Malaysian pao or bun which stuff with roasted pork, red or green bean paste, coconut or peanuts.

Living in a foreign country I have seen various way of appreciating the similar foods. Just this morning I was in the fruit section of a grocery shop, and I was attracted to the green pears. While drooling over how crunchy they would be, the French women besides me commented that the pears were too green and not ripe enough. Apparently French people prefer the ripe pear then the green one. And, I discovered that a ripe pear tastes very good too. You should try one day.


  1. chocolate with bun?? thats interesting..haha

  2. Hi Bee Ean,
    thanks for dropping by :) .
    Sometimes I face the same situation as you as well, where my boyfriend finds some of the Malaysian culture 'unusual' :P .

  3. Anonymous6:19 PM

    we hv choc wif bun in malaysia also. but not this kind of solid choc bar :P