Monday, April 28, 2008

We are going to Barcelona

Car rented. Apartment found. We are heading to Barcelona on the Worker day's holiday.

In France, May is a vacation month. My company is giving all interns both Friday 2 and 9 May off so that we can have the long weekends since both 1 and 8 May are holiday in France. I get Monday 12 May off too. That means I will only work 3 days this week and next week, and 4 days the week after. Yeah!

It has been a while I wanted to go somewhere outside of France. People keep saying that the Europeans are lucky that they can just drive around and will enter another country. It might not be true for every Europeans, as I have known of many French who prefer to stay inside France than to visit around the neighboring countries. Well, not me! I will definitely go around whenever I have chance.

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  1. A working week with a break mid-week break is one I always look forward to1