Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daddy, she is looking

Have you guy made the mistake where you accidentally entered the toilet of the opposite sex?

I did. Once during camping, I was brushing my teeth and a little girl entered with his daddy. She starred at me, then said:"Daddy, she is looking!" And the response? "Let her look if she wants." Gosh I didn't know why the dad answered this way but I was not looking at him on purpose. As soon as I realized that I made a mistake, I quickly ran away. So embarrassed.

And today, I discovered I have been using the male toilet in the company for almost a month. I thought the company is having unisex toilets, even though it has a man head on the toilet door. One of the toilets has mirror so I thought it was meant for the ladies. Several times some male colleagues saw me entered and left the toilets but nobody says anything.

Well, apparently there are two more toilets with the woman head on the other side of the building. Nearly a month I was asking myself why there was no dustbin in the toilets, now I know, the men just don't have the same need as the women.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    oh dear, didn't you see how dirty the mens toilet is?

  2. wow, you male colleagues are really open minded :) .

    I've accidentally entered male toilet once and luckily no male colleague was there and I quickly dashed out.

    My mind was a little occupied at that time and when I saw some urinals as I entered, I was wondering why I didn't noticed them before as I usually went to that toilet, then I went out to look at the door and clear enough I was at the wrong floor :P .

  3. wuching,

    Their toilets are actually very clean. :-)


    I was just wondering why those male collegues didn't dare to tell me.