Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm blessed with nice in laws

Once a month we would go to my in laws place to spend weekend with them. We usually arrive late during the night so they would be already on bed.

Every time we enter the room, we will be greeted with some dessert. Hubby will be all happy enjoying the yummy food, most of the time including my part since I don't want to eat sweet before going to bed plus I would always be super tired when we arrive.

Once my brother in laws spotted the leftover and immediately got jealous. Apparently he doesn't enjoy the same treatment. My in laws treat me like a daughter but they are not kepoh (busy body) kind of parents. I'm blessed with such a good in laws.


  1. Good on u to have such kind in laws. Hope the bro in law will not create problems.

  2. That's so sweet of them to do!