Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carte de séjour and timbre O.M.I

Timbre O.M.I (OMI stamp)

This is the third time I renew my permanent resident card (carte de séjour). The process was fast and simple. Two months before my card expired, I submitted the necessary documents to the nearby Town Hall, at a small town right at the border of Nantes. The process was a lot easier compared to the Prefecture in Nantes:
1. Call or email the Town Hall for the list of documents required
2. Submit the documents to get a temporarily card (récipicée)
3. The Town Hall will send out a letter once the récipicée is ready
4. Pick up the récipicée
5. Wait for the letter from them to notify that your card is ready
6. Go to pick up the card with the récipicée, the expired card and an O.M.I stamp with face value of 70 euros.

I was lucky to get the card just 10 days after it was expired, even before the temporarily card expired. The tricky part was to get the O.M.I stamp, which is only sold in certain places like the Prefecture and the Treasury office. For working people who can only do it on Saturday, there is only one choice in Nantes: go to the bureau Tabac de Sillion de Bretagne (Tabac Presse) inside the Commercial centre. I wonder why they are the only shop selling this kind of stamp.

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