Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some countryside photos

Last weekend while visiting the countryside, we discovered the sunflower field where the sunflowers are taller than me. The view is simply fascinating.

The first time I visited France, I stumbled into hectare of fields like that. People told me they are grasses for cattle. I had hard time understanding it, as why they need to cut those grasses instead of letting cows eat them freshly from the field?

I forgot, grasses dry out during winter, and these are reserves for animals. People even advertise on it for summer festival.

I have a feeling that cows in France are a lot prettier and clearer than those in Malaysia. Not that I have seen many cattle farms in Malaysia, but those I saw in Langkawi were quite dirty.


  1. hi bee!

    I just google about malaysian in france and ur blog is the first result.

    I'm from Malaysia and currently doing my internship in grenoble.
    But so sad because I'm alone and can't speak french.
    so, hope can make friend with you!

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Really nice to have this kind of relaxing moment.. I wish I can go too.

  3. Hi Keyrol,

    How are you doing in Grenoble? Sure we can be friends, but I'm living in a city close to Nantes in the West part of France, so it might not help much.

    Have you tried to look into the website of Malaysian Student association in France? I was once there and they have a list of student' names so you might find some Malaysians living in the areas close to Grenoble