Friday, August 08, 2008

Go get your own potatoes!

Last weekend, we had BBQ as dinner and I wanted to grill some potatoes. The house was running out of potatoes, and hubby said:"there are a lot sleeping in the garden, just go get it!" Instead of using the heavy garden fork, I used this small tool to dig out some fresh potatoes. They were simply yummy.

We discovered this in the garden. Personally I found it painful to eat artichoke. My Bolivian told me that there are a lot of these in her parents' garden back home and they didn't know they could eat them. When the French went there for a visit, the parents kindly asked the guests to just take them all.

The strawberries should be well protected until the net, but still we found some of them had been half eaten by the birds.

Zucchini plants are growing like hell.

See how big are they? For reference, the small ones in the middle are those that you could find in the supermarket. The big ones have too many seeds.


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    You have a garden to grow all these?? So cool!

  2. no, it's the in laws garden.