Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Going back for Chinese New Year 2009!

Finally we are flying back to Malaysia for CNY!

I called my mother this morning to inform her the good news, and she was so thrilled. However, she was disappointed that we only stay for 3 weeks, too short for her!

I have been browsing through websites looking for a good deal and we got one at 705 euros round trip which covers the whole 15 days of Chinese Lunar New Year. We had to do it around 5 months in advance else risking the exorbitant prices or limited dates choices.

We used but check out this website as sometimes expedia sold off for certain dates and they could be still available here:

It has been a brave decision as there is uncertainty for my work (no contract has been signed). But, the other day my nieces sent me some photos for my mother's birthday, and it seems like she ages very fast. So, I want to try my best to see my family members as often, while I still can.

Anyway it was a happy moment once I bought the tickets. Time to things about all the shoppings and foods...


  1. BE,

    I am also thinking of visiting M on this coming CNY but I only have like 2weeks holiday :) cos I only start work on July :).

    How long does it take you for the entire journey ? Mine is like 30hours :), too long. Sometimes, I wish I live in the West coast :), shorter journey but then I will have to scarify for the higher standard of living and crowded space :).

    Last year when I visited M, I was surprised that Malaysian airline sell cheaper tickets than any online sites. After talking to a few of my local friends, I realized in fact, it is cheaper to book ticket with airlines than travel agents or online sites (at least from my experience.)

    I could not get any tickets with any online sites with the dates I wanted but when I called Malaysian Airlines in CA, they told me there were 'tai pai' tickets, I was stunned. I got my ticket one week before I flew and I flew during peak Christmas season.

    I have never like to travel on festive seasons :). When I worked in Brunei, every yr for 5 years,I flew back to Kuching in the morning of CNY's 1st day :) cos it was so crowded on the week prior CNY. My family accommodated me by making the CNY's eve dinner on the 1st nite of CNY instead of the eve :). But, our family is not very traditional type of Chinese family. My sister and hubby often goes deep sea diving during CNY holiday cos that is the times she get long holiday :). And brother and family often go oversea for their annual trip cos that is the time brother shut down his firm for long holiday :). And I am the one who was often with the old man and lady during CNY :). This is the 2nd CNY my dad was not around, I thought I will balik kampung to see the old lady. It is hard to be alone after together for 55+ years, sigh !

  2. Jamy,

    The trip from Paris to KL will be around 14 hours with one transit, but have to count the train trip between my city to Paris too. Anyway, it won't be as bad as when I was living in Texas, 30 hours like you said.

    Ah I didn't know MAS could offer better deal. I went to their website and their prices are a lot more expensive than those online fairs.

    I like the festive atmosphere and I think hubby loves it too. It will be the time my family members will be on vacation so we can get more time together.