Monday, August 25, 2008

How much a gold medal worth

Did you notice that the top ten countries that got the most gold medals are actually some of the wealthiest countries or have biggest economy in the world? I think their brilliant performances one way or other has to do with the country's investment/allocation towards the sport development. I read that the British government has pumped in a big lump sum of resources into sport and see how handsome their athletes scored in the Beijing Olympic Games. For China and Russia where the GDP is quite low compared to other countries, going into sport and become a world champion is one of the best ways to get rich. See how much a gold medal can bring them (approximate figures):

1. China - USD120k or 81k€ + endorsement/advertisement contracts
2. USA - USD25k or 17k€ + endorsement/advertisement contracts
3. Russia - USD100k or 68k€ + allocation from 7 million pound sterling fund sponsored by 10 Russians business men.
4. Great Britain - one Alfa Romeo car for certain disciplines
5. Germany - USD22k or 15k€ + Two Europetickets from Lufthansa airlines, 600 litters of Warsteiner beer and a Mercedes for a year
6. Australia - USD20k or 14k€
7. Korea - USD50k or 34k€
8. Japan - USD100k or 68k€
9. Italy - USD207k or 140k€
10. France - USD74k or 50k€

But, these are not the highest paying countries. Other countries are promising million (in the local currency) to their athletes if they win gold:
1. Singapore - USD705k or 478k€ or 1 million Singapore Dollar
2. The Philippines - USD328k or 222k€ or 15 million pesos
3. Malaysia - USD300k or 201k€ or RM1 million

With all the hard works these athletes put in, I think they really deserve all these awards and bonuses.

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  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Malaysia gives a lot le..

    Got silver also not bad liao can have USD150k