Monday, March 09, 2009

Mount Kinabalu Trip: The Kinabalu Pine Resort

It has been a month since we conquered the Kinabalu mountain. Here I'm sharing some information for people who would like to take up the challenge in the future.

After comparing different tour packages available, we decided to take things on our own and have a free and easy trip. Climbing mountain is a real challenge for me so as an encouragement plus to ensure a good night sleep before the big day, we reserved a deluxe room with the mountain view with the Kinabalu Pine Resort.

This resort is located 7km away from the Kinabalu entrance park. It is within walking distance to the Kundasang town, but getting a public transport to the Kinabalu is a real hassle. I would recommend this resort to people who come with their own car. It took us sometimes around 30 minutes to get a minivan with a RM2 fee else you have to pay RM20 for a taxi. I was surprised that the resort didn't provide transportation, they actually asked for RM44 a way just to send us to the park!

As you can see from the name, this resort is surrounded by pine trees.

A nice place to stay if you come with a group of friends or families, can chit chat at the deck outside.

The view of mount Kinabalu from our room. It was very foggy that day and we could only see the half mountain.

Getting more foggy and we prayed hard that the weather condition would be better on our climbing day.

One night internet rate with this resort was RM284. However when we checked in, they forgot to include our dinner voucher. When asked for it, they actually reduced the price to RM250. We didn't know what was happening, but was happily accepted a reduce rate plus a yummy dinner set. We got to choose two meat, two veggies dishes and a soup with market price of around RM60. Eventually we chose a plate of chili shrimp, fish with shrimp paste sauce, local mushroom, mixed vegetable and tom yam soup.

After the satisfying dinner, the sky started to clear up and we managed to see a tip of the mountain.

The condition on the morning of the climbing day. The sky was crystal clear and we finally managed to see the whole mountain.

Mount Kinabalu, here we come!


  1. Bonjour! hi there! i miss my hometown back in kk and when i saw ur post about mount kinabalu made me miss my hometown even more :( On another note, guess im in the same boat as you, as im a malaysian in France too hehehe :)

  2. Hi, so you hometown is in KK, have you climbed the mount KK? So in fact there are quite some Malaysians marrying French and living in France, I was not aware of it!

  3. yes im a malaysian from KK itself and yes im now residing in France. Actually when i was staying in Paris, i find it hard to find malaysians and i ended up going to indonesian embassy as i found more indonesian friends there then my own countrymen heheh anyhow, its nice to know you are around :) I live in Beauvoir now, west of france close to Noirmoutier. Nice meeting you Bee Ean :)

  4. hi, i'm going there next week with my family, 3 kids (age 12,6,1) any suggestion :) mosquito alots ?