Monday, March 30, 2009

A piece of shit

Hubby was home earlier than expected this evening after his diving class.

Me: Why did you get home so early?
Him: Let's play a game. You can ask me any question and I can only answer yes or no.
Me: Ok. Something happened during your swimming class that was why you got home early.
Him: Yes.
Me: Your teacher was sick.
Him: No.
Me: Your semester is over.
Him: No.
Me: Not enough students came to the class.
Him: No.
Me: Water shortage in the swimming pool.
Him: No.
Me: Something weird happened.
Him: Yes.

At this point he broke the rule of yes and no by giving me some hints.
Him: The class got canceled due to one thing that I said.
Me: The water was dirty.
Him: kind of but not exactly.
Me: You saw shit in the water!!
Him: Bingo!!!

Me: What? You really saw shit in the swimming pool?
Him: Yes, I saw a piece of shit and I told everyone about it. They decided to close the swimming pool so everyone has to go.

Holy shit, how could this happened?


  1. No way I could resist reading a post with that title!

    A few questions that come to mind:

    --Was it an indoor pool or an outdoor pool?

    --Was it human or animal shit?

    --How could a human being shit in a pool without being observed?

    That's a hilarious story!!!

  2. Framericaine,

    It was an indoor pool. Hubby suspected it was from kids. :-)