Tuesday, March 03, 2009

With Free: calling anywhere from France for free

At this point, with our Iternet Service Provider (ISP) Free Telecom, we can call the fixed line of 97 countries for free. I didn't know that they could do the reverse, where technically, we can call France and any one of these 97 countries, from anywhere of the world, for free.

We did that with this software, X-Lite. While vacationing in Malaysia, we called France using this software and it worked well. All we need was just a SIP account with our ISP, an internet connection and we are good to go. The quality of the phone call was so excellent that people we called thought we were calling from France.

I was told that there were many abuses so Free decided to block phone call from certain countries to certain countries. For example if we are in Malaysia, I'm not sure if I can call China for free as if I were calling from France. Well, calling France from Malaysia for nothing is already good enough for me. I just simply love all these value added services.

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