Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sakura à Nantes

Today, 1,2 million of French were on the street, protested against the deteriorating purchasing power, the explosive cost of living and the insecurity of employment. The economy crisis seems to have scared off a majority of the population and they urged the government to take immediate actions. I share their views that the country is facing big challenges. However, a layman like me has no solutions to the current situation. What I can do is just to make myself happy by enjoying the transformation of the nature around me. This evening I was happy enough to not be blocked from any demonstration and managed to arrive home on time, to be able to snap some photos of the sakura around our apartment.

Hopefully France will become stronger after the crisis.


  1. over in beauvoir i think almost all homes here have sakura flowers in their jardin and its a nice feeling indeed just looking at them makes you all happy inside i know how you feel :)

  2. Being on Strike is not the answer to this crisis. They should be at work and try to get the economy going instead of stopping work thereby stopping the economy - 1 day of strike costs = substantial losses to the country's economy. My garden is blooming so are my fruit trees in the backyard. :)

  3. Gee, Sakura in France.