Friday, March 27, 2009

Old hobby: watching Hong Kong series

It has been a week I haven't posted anything as I have gone back to my old hobby: watching Hong Kong drama series, which consumes most of my free time.

I used to watch a lot of HK series with my family. We would discuss about the scenes and the characters over dinner. We would compare the stories with what was happening in real life. I stopped doing this ever since I moved to the US and then France. In France I was subscribed to some Chinese channels and managed to watch some Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas, but Cantonese dramas were either unavailable or have been duped in Mandarin on these channels. I miss watching HK series in Cantonese.

This hobby came back after my trip to Malaysia. "The gem of life" was on air at that time and everyone was talking about it. The day I returned to France, coincidentally someone gave me a link to watch it online so I was hooked over two weeks, finishing the 82 episodes in two weeks. Since it was very time consuming I decided to stop.

Last week I spotted some of the DVDs my sister lent me and one of them was the series of "Heart of greed II". I started watching them and immediately glued to the screen. I follow it religiously every day after work. The storyline is so interesting and it reminded me of many blissful time watching series with my family.

Well, I would have to stop after this series and these dramas are very addictive!

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  1. BE,
    I was very much into HK drama too when I lived in KL. My whole family were the same... Can you give me the link to "Gem of Life II"..??