Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little girl in Malaysia 2 : Her favorite foods and drinks

She is not a big eater. She eats what we offer. We cook what we feel like and do not specifically prepared something that would only please her. She knows the rule : eat or go hungry.

Malaysian foods are generally more oily and heaty. To not change much her eating habits I got her some yogurts but to my surprise, she refused to take them. Were Malaysian yogurts tasted different compared to the one in France? Anyway, I'm glad that she didn't get sick in Malaysia. Last trip she got a fever the day before leaving to France, this trip she had moderate diarrhea for a week but nothing to be worried about. She takes it from hubby I guess, he has digestive problem usually near the end of each trip.

She loves red bean soup. She discovered my no-sugar red bean version in France, but swallowed three bowls of my mother's red bean + green bean + barley version in no time.

Milo ice is the drink she orders whenever we go to a mamak store. She likes 100 plus and Vitagen too.

She accepts different kind of Roti Canai, and loves this Roti Milo + Banana. Hubby said this is very closed to the Crêpe in Brittany region.

A part-timer. Volunteering to clear tables in Mamak store.

Loved mango and watermelon juices in Perhentian.

Eating Chicken wings in one hawker center, Singapore. She took in a good amount of chicken rice too.

She adores bah kut teh since last trip. Kids in my family usually savor a plate of rice with the bah kut teh sauce.

She also likes different kind of fishes.

She couldn't take spicy food but hubby craves for it. In this case, she got the non-spicy chicken and hubby got the rest.

We had brought her to sushi restaurant many times in France. She only eats rice with miso soup. But this trip she actually ate plenty of sashimi.

Proud to say that she is slowly enjoying durian. As for hubby, we can now count on him to open durians for us.

Still, she is more used to western food. She finished her bread spread with butter without problem. She did try the kaya tough.

We can find easily the French salted butter in the supermarket. Maybe I should buy one for her next trip. The first day we got home, hubby bought 3 French baguettes. When she saw them, she yelled with excitement!

You can tell that hubby had been eating a lot of Indian foods. She just got some chicken and cucumber.

Overall she ate less in Malaysia. She would eat when there were rice : rice + any kind of soup + pork / chicken (the one we used to boil soup). But sometimes she did surprise me, she actually ate some char kueh tiao, she usually doesn't like noodles.


  1. Hope Aelig did not lose weight after eating less in Msia. What does she usually eat in France daily?

  2. She loves cheese.

  3. OMG, yr hubs likes durian?!! even trying to open durian ... I am soooo envy ... mine said I stink ... :(

    You just need to cook more chinese food at home ..