Saturday, July 13, 2013

Food hunt at Ramadhan Bazar

It is fasting month again for the Muslims in Malaysia. We won't let go of this opportunity to savor more Malay foods, so we went to "Buka Puasa" food hunting in Shah Alam.

Fried stuffs, high in calories, but good in tastes.

Putu Bambu, a Malay cake consists of rice flour cooked with palm sugar, pandan leave and desiccated coconut, steamed in bamboo pipes.

Raw beef and chicken satay.

Satay in process.

Ready to serve.

Fried chicken.

Malay style's Roti Canai.

Fried squids.

Various cooked dishes ready to serve after a long day of fasting.

Roasted lamb.

Fried cempedak.

Cookies and pastries for the festival. I contemplated to buy some back to France, we shall see.

Multiple types of drinks.

The Ramadhan Bazar is full of patrons buying food home waiting the end of the fasting for the day.

Roti John Ayam (bread stuffed with chicken).

At the end of our food hunt, we got a Roti John, some Satays, one Kebab, some fried stuffs and Nasi Lemak Kukus.

Hubby's comment: Let's go again!


  1. I just miss the buka puasa bazaars as we left the day before Ramadhan started. Enjoy the rest of your holiday in Msia. Hope the haze stays away.

  2. you have no idea how envious (and hungry) i was reading this post...