Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Perhentian Escape

To satisfy hubby's crave for diving, we planned a trip to Perhentian Island. He keeps a fond memory on his first trip there 11 years ago.
The ant effect. She saw some big ants on the floor so she hung on to her daddy. This improved overtime as she told me that she is not afraid of ants anymore.

The Bonjour phenomenon. Sometimes she greets people with "Bonjour" and some people just ignored her as they didn't understand French. She turned to me and asked why these people didn't greet her back. Once we met a Chinese couple so I explained that she has to say "Ni Hao" to them. She doesn't quite get the idea that different people speak different languages. Anyway, she continues the greeting from time to time, and to my surprise someone greeted her back with an heavy accented "Bonjour".

Hubby likes adventures so we did the trekking from Mama's Chalet to Abdul's Chalet on another beach. We went further down and he wanted to do the trekking through Fauna Resort to rejoin our hotel. Unfortunately, we got lost. We stepped on unknown insects and at one point, I got really scared. We decided to regain the beach. We were compensate with isolated beach with tons of fishes close to the shore. It felt like Redang back in 2000 where you were greeted with fishes once you stepped into the water. On the way back, we swam passed Abdul's Chalet and managed to see three "Nemo" playing. Hubby said there were many corals in front of Tuna Bay Island Resort. So, if you have young kids and choose to stay in Perhentian Besar, I would recommend to stay in resorts along this beach (TunaBay and Abdul's Chalet, beaches in front of New Cocohut Chalet are less nice). We stayed in Coral View and could enjoy the sandy beach in front of Perhentian Island Resort, but the waves were stronger there.

Bread hunting. Aelig finished the bread we brought for the trip. We went to several shops but couldn't find them. A waitress told us that we had to go to the small village to get them. But we managed to find some in the shop closed to New Cocohut Chalet. We got her breads stuffed with chocolate and strawberry jams. She loved them.

We made a trip to Rawa Island. It was worth it. Fishes all over the place. We also stopped at Turtle Bay and saw several sea turtles. At one stop, the boat was leaving and a tourist discovered that the parents of the two kids in the boat hadn't been back to the boat. We turned back to get them. They were not happy and I agreed with them. The boatmen should have counted the passengers before leaving.


  1. We've stayed at New Cocohut Chalet before. How did you like Coral View?

  2. hmmm... i think this Rawa is not the same as the Rawa that my friends mentioned, but certainly sounds like a good place to go nonetheless!