Thursday, July 18, 2013

Escapade to Singapore : Impression

My impression for Singapore : Safe, clean, efficient.

Signboards were mostly shown in English and Mandarin, and sometimes + Malays and Tamil.

Efficient subway system. They even had staffs standing beside the subway map and showed us the fastest way to get from one place to another.

It seems that everyone is playing with their phones in Subway.

Taxis were relatively cheap, we paid $6 from our Hotel to Universal Studios. From the taxi driver we realized that we drove through a toll without having to pass through a toll station. There were machines hanging on top of a place, every car in Singapore has to equipped with a machine with AutoCard, and the machine charges the AutoCard each time a car passes. What a wonderful system? Imagine don't have to queue or be slowed down through a toll? I wonder why can't Malaysia do the same, at least to slow down traffic jams.

We are neighbors, but Singapore is way more advance and efficient in many ways.

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