Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gastronomy at Fusion Sushi Buffet

Talking about food during our stay in Austin, hubby and me agreed that Musashino Sushi Dokoro is one of the best Sushi restaurants we had ever been to. Never did we expect to taste the same quality of Sushi again, this time in Malaysia.

My sister treated us to Fusion Sushi Buffet in Petaling Jaya. With her Groupon voucher, she paid RM38 per person. We could choose from the buffet bar plus 14 items on the menu. We made a common mistake like a lot of patrons, we attacked the buffet first but the real scrumptious sushis were among the 14 items. Photo shows the buffet items we chose. Even Aelig was attracted by the sashimi.

The Chef from this restaurant used to work in New York so he introduced us to New York style sushi. It comes with yummy sauce.

The fresh salmon slides coated with some herbs. The plate was placed on top of a bunch of ice cubes.

Sashimi cocktail

Tuna wrap, one of my favorites.

 Loved the sauce.

 Mango favor sushi, yummy.

 Delicious combination of herbs and sauces.

The restaurant owner challenges his patrons to try and finish all his 14 items. So far nobody has done it as everyone was already stuffed with the buffet items before even trying out the items on the menu.

I'm not sure if it offers authentic Japanese sushi but it has surely won my heart. Without Groupon offer it will cost RM88++. I had bad impression of Groupon but finally I got a nice experience with their offer.

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  1. Thanks for the tips .. will sure make a trip to the restaurat when we are back next year. ..