Friday, July 26, 2013

So long, farewell

Time flied, it was time to say goodbye again. Aelig was excited, she told everyone that she was going home.

The trip.
The trip back to France was uneventful. Me and Aelig slept through most of the trip. The seating was crucial, hubby sat between us so Aelig can't play her "interrupting mummy every two seconds" trick. We had to wait 3 hours for the train, I hope they offer a better connection next time. When we got to Nantes station, I hesitated if we should take the taxi. Then we felt it was not worth paying 50€ for something we could do with 2€. It just needed several minutes of carrying (mostly hubby), and thankfully this trip Aelig proposed to carry her own luggage. How I wish taxis are as affordable as in Singapore.

Now we need to cope with jetlag. It goes better this time. I wake up early but I manage to work efficiently throughout the day. Unlike last year I had to lay down taking rest while working. Aelig on the other hand copes better compare to us. She sleeps and wakes up at the usual time. As for hubby, the morning running nose comes back. It is curious that it stopped in Malaysia but comes back as soon as he is in France.

What we brought back
I had told my family that I do not wish to overload our luggages like trips before. We used to carry back cans of 100 plus, packs of instant noodles... those are behind me now. If I miss Malaysian foods, I should eat them in Malaysia. The essential thing for the trip is to bring back many photos / memories with families. And, very important, visit to bookstore so we got books and CDs for Aelig and me. As for hubby, he decided to bring back packs of Teh Tarik and boxes of Ramadhan cookies for his family. He was the one carrying the luggages so he assured the responsibility.

We are slowly adjusting to our life, and putting behind daily routine in Malaysia : breakfast, lunch, shopping, dinner, mamak store. We have to take cold shower in the morning as the water heater is broken down. Aelig asks sometimes when we are going back to Malaysia, and she is already negotiating with her stuffed animals on who she will be bringing next trip. She is also enjoying books and CDs we got from the trip. But she did ask me : Why do I have to go to the sitter? Why can't you stay with me everyday? Such is life my little girl.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your vacation in Msia. Thank you for sharing. Hope all of you get back to your normal life in France soon and not miss Msia too much.