Saturday, January 27, 2007

Arrived home: Day 1

So, I arrived in my belove home!

It's 5.25am (10.25pm French time and 3.25pm Texas time). I had slept for 7 hours and couldn't sleep anymore.

The trip started badly. The train was 50 minutes late due to the snow. My flight was scheduled to take off at 2.30pm, and I was supposed to arrive in the airport at 12.20pm by train. I arrived at 1.10pm instead. But the check in was smoothed bcos I had check in online. Bravo Emirates! No queue and no pain. The security check in was fine, just they confiscated my bottle of mineral water. A guy lost his bottle of perfume, too bad, it must be quite expensive!

I liked the foods with Emirates, they served my favorite fish porridge.

I had 3 hours transit time in Dubai. I had an impression that I was in a refugee camp, bcos there are bunch of people sleeping on the floor! I had never seen this before. Most of them are Arabian guys. I managed to take a nap in the quiet room with a comfortable chair. I think not many people can stand this airport if they are deeply convinced that Arabians are terrorists, there are bunch of them here.

Then, I'm quite confused about the ethicnity in Dubai. The flight attendances consisted of white, yellow and brown. In the duty free shops (open at 1am with crowded customers), most of the cashiers are yellow or brown, I almost thought I'm in Malaysia.

When we almost touched down in Kuala Lumpur, the flight attendance gave me the arrival form to fill eventhough I told her that I'm a Malaysian. At the end she gave forms to all Malaysians. I was convinced that I didn't have to fill the form to enter my own country, and I was right. I just put my passport in a machine and put my thumb in the designated spot, and I was off to go. It's technology area man, should have less paperwork whenever possible.

Food tour is already started and I will post some pictures tomorrow. Got to try a new species of seafood.

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