Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let it go

I applied for "Assistante Export Import", a course run for 11 months and will have 3 internships including one in a foreign country. I was in the waiting list, then they told me I got accepted.

I was not happy bcos a cruel fact is in front of me: I will be absent for 5 weeks due to my trip to Malaysia, will they accept that?

My husband said there's no way in France you are allowed to be absent from school for so long, his school didn't even let him go for one week when his parents wanted to bring him for vacation.

I went to see the coordinator, and she said no since the beginning. But she will reserve my place for next year.

This is a result of poor planning, my own fault. I don't know why already I put my wedding in Feb, a period where I can't enter University the Sept before bcos in Feb all Universities will start for their second semester already, and then most of the training courses start before Feb.

Basically for this 5 weeks vacations plus wedding, I will waste one school year. Oh what a stupid mistake.

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