Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 4: Ear piercing; Weather: Hot

Since most of the wedding accessories come with earrings which require the pierced ears, I decided to have it done today. Most of the girls in Malaysia already done it in their childhood, but I was always not keen on it. Today I was forced to. It was a little bit painful, and I hope the ears won't swollen in the following days.

I spent about 77 euros for a Qi Pao (Chinese traditional cloth), a pair of jeans and 7 tops. It was a nice feeling that I managed to find many clothes I like without paying too much. I went to the Soldes in France and I'm always disappointed. France is considered the country of fashion but I really can't appreciate their tastes.

Foods eaten: Nasi lemak, Yong taufu, cendol, lotus soup, fried fish and fried greenbean.


  1. Ooh, you're brave! I don't have my ears pierced either!

    It's been really interesting to see what all you've been eating - what do your (future) in-laws think about it?

    And I hope you will post some pictures from the wedding!

  2. It has been a pain for my sisters to find the right pair of necklace + earrings for me. By having the ears pierced the problem is solved so it's worth it.

    I haven't sent out the picture to my in laws. They will appreciate whatever offer to them I guess.

    I will if I have time. haha