Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 3: Facial; Weather: Hot; Mood: pissed

Facial is a very important part for the future bride to be, but I'm not very keen on this. It was all arranged by my sister, the appointment, the location. It took 2 hours, I was sleeping most of the time except when she "clean" my face with a tool.

I reserved a bridal photo session. I hate those bargaining, price comparing process. It's wasting time.

Went to the marriage registration office and was told to prepare many stuffs which wasn't shown in their website. The only do this every Thursday so it's really not convenient with our full schedule and trips here and there. When I heard that my FIL paid 52 euros each to translate our marriage cert and birth cert, I was so pissed!!!!! French to English for some certificate, how hard is it, and they are charging an arm and a leg! The worst thing is I still need to go to the French Embassy in Malaysia to get it stamped to justify that it's a correct translation! So piss, I could have done this directly with the Embassy and they will charge only RM66 (around 13 euros). I don't know why my in-laws decided to find a translator in France without telling me, don't they know this is an awefull country to buy services???

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