Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The cute nephew

It was just 8 months ago, he only managed to say: "Papa, mummy, ..."

Yesterday, he was so talkative that he kept grabbing the phone from my mother. He was so eager to talk to me, still remember how I did exercise with him.

I'm so amazed, the differences are so huge. He managed to speak so well now.
"Koko has gone to or or."= Brother has gone to bed
"Koko hit me. "
"Popo hit me."= grandmother hits me.
"I want to drink neng neng" = I want to drink milk.
"I want to take aeroplane."

I have told my husband to learn Mandarin from my nephew, hopefully he manages to take up some phrases with this young kid.


  1. Children grow up so fast.
    My son was a slow talker.I was concerned, brought him to see a speech therapist, that was when he was 18mths old.
    Then in a fine day,he started talking. Now I wish he could stop.
    The other day, he told my husband the noddles I cook was his favorite food. How on earth he knew about the concept of 'favorite' ?
    Today, he talked to me that in reality ...
    Where did he pick up the phrase in reality ?

    I also penning, he only 3 1/2 years old. They (kids) learn so fast, they are like sponges.

  2. He basically repeat everything my mother says. Imagine if people around him say all the bad words, he will say it too.