Friday, January 12, 2007

A debit card incident

On Wednesday, the "sales" day where the whole France is crazy about their semi-annual big time sales, I went out to do shopping like every French girls. Since all the shops were crowded, I decided to just do regular grocery shopping.

I got all I wanted and proceeded to the cashier. And then it happened. In front of everybody, my debit card rejected my transaction twice. I have only one debit. So embarrased. The cashier hold all my grocery, and I have to rush to the nearest bank to withdraw money. And it said my card has problem and I need to contact the bank. At the end, my husband came to rescue, but imagine the damage.

Unlike in US, where we can have many credit cards for free, most of the bank services in France cost. So it's not unheard that people only have one card. I know now why people bring their checkbook with them at all times. It's to prevent when your card turn against you and you know for sure you have enough money inside.

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