Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 5: Shopping for Jewelry

It's in the Chinese tradition for the family to offer the bride some jewelries, especially from the parents. Sometimes it's from generation to generation, from grandmother to mother to daughter to grand daughter. Since I'm not a big fan of jewelry, my family finds it hard to choose a good wedding present for me. Well, they have already chipped in some money for the wedding, and I really don't want them to spend too much. But everybody was telling me that I'm the youngest in the family so there's no more money spend after me.

The translation issue is getting worst. The Embassy of France in Malaysia won't endorse the translated copy from France. They only endorse the translators who have registered with them. That means we might need to do the translation again in Malaysia. To be endorsed by Embassy of Malaysia in France, the document has to be legalised first from the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France.

I managed to drive today. I reminisced the time when I was the driver among friends and was very brave on road. Right now I was too gotten used to the broad roads in US that I'm too scared to drive on tiny little roads in cities in France and some part of Malaysia. Besides, the Malaysian drive on the left hand side with the steering on the right hand side. I always got confused.

Lunch: KFC

Dinner: rice with fried fish, corn soup, fried green leaves...

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