Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Got my driver license!

Eh, not exactly, just a temporarily license allowing me to drive legally in France, but in two months I will have the French driver license.

It's actually quite easy to do it. Just have to follow what the prefecture wants.

You need to exchange your driver license within the first year of your marriage, of course in the condition that your country is in the exchange list. If not you have to take the driving test like everyone else.

So, just give them:
1. the filled in application form
2. two photos
3. Photocopy of your driver license (it has to be valid)
4. Photococy of your carte de séjour.

And you will get:
1. A temporarily driver license

Back in two months and give/show them:
1. Your passport
2. Your previous carte de séjour (photocopy) if you have (my case was my student carte de séjour)
3. Give in your driver license from your country
4. The temporarily license

And you will get:
1. Your FRENCH driver license

1 comment:

  1. I am SO jealous....I would give anything to be able to exchange my license!!!