Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It actually snowed in Nantes!

What a huge change of the weather!

This morning it was a sunny day, and I was laughing at my hubby bcos Rennes was raining. I even put "il fait beau" on my msn display name.

Then, I went out and still see some sun. Suddenly I felt drops of rain. I was lucky enough bcos I got into the tram just in time.

By the time I arrived in Commerce to change tram, I saw hails dropping. Wow. By the time I was in tram, the hails felt heavily, was so glad that I was inside the tram.

When I arrived at school, the hail stopped.

During the class, it snowed!! Wow. Some of the students got to see snow for their first time in their lifes.

Just not long before we had 23 degree celcius, and now it's 1 degree celcius.

So unpredictable.


  1. Ooo, you're lucky it snowed! I love snow! It's just freezing over here...and slightly rainy.

  2. Yeah, if it's freezing it's better it snow. But be carefull if the floor is covered by the snow it might hide the dog poos hehe

  3. Haha - yeah, good point about the dog poo!