Wednesday, March 14, 2007


These days I was so lazy that Fabien handles every meals. Poor guy have to go to work and come back cooking for his wife.

I was asking myself why I was so not motivated to cook, then I realised that I was too spoiled in Malaysia. I didn't cook any single meals during my stay there. There were always people who were willing to cook for me, to buy food for me, to bring me to restaurants.

That's something that I don't have to worry about in my country. But it's something I have to start worry about in this country.

It's hard to cook in France. You have to cook every single days or else you will have to eat kebab or sandwich or pay high price to the restaurants.

That's why the French were very happy that they got to go to restaurants whenever they want in Malaysia at affordable price. Each time they asked to go to mamak store for breakfast or lunch or dinner, they were amazed at the crowd eating out, a small luxury of Malaysian.


  1. I get really lazy to cook as well.
    Do you have good Asian grocery stores in Nantes?

  2. I know, we used to eat out a lot more in the US, but here it's just too expensive!!

  3. There are some Asian grocery stores here, but they have less varities of foods compared to those store in US.

    I learnt to cook in US, but it wasn't an obligation. Since there are varieties of restaurants with different kind of Athnic foods, we only cooked when we were too lazy to go out or when we felt guilty of spending too much in restaurants.

    But here, cooking is an obligation. One, we don't have much money to go to restaurants. Second, there are less Athnic foods and choices here. Third, the restaurants don't open whenever you want to eat. Fourth, we do not feel money worth each time we visit a restaurant, there are either too expensive for their quality of foods or their services are too lousy that we just want to leave the restaurant.

  4. BE,

    I cook fusion food ( a mixture of Oriental, European , American and others etc..).

    I have learned to live with cooking using local material than having to find the food that we used to eat when we grew up at our birth land.

    Living oversea many yrs, I have learned to adapt to make full use of local material, for eg. when I was in Aust for 15yrs, there were a lot of Greek and Italian kind of veg. We used to have a lot of Greek/Italian immigrants around the area I lived, so I cooked a lot of N. European veg.. And I also cooked a lot of lamb becos it was the cheapest meat then there. I knew we Asian esp. Malaysian Chinese don't eat a lot of lamb but when I went back to Malaysia for holiday or to live, I realized people like to eat lamb chop in up scale restaurant and they are expensive. I was glad that I ate lots of cheap lamb chop in Aust :)).

    A lot of times my husband friend asked him what does his wife usually cook, American or Chinese food ? He said it is kind of hard to say cos she cooked all kind of food :)-.

    I baked a lot. I find baking very convienient. I used slow cooker a lot cos it really is a handy tool. I stir fry now and then

    I cook a lot especially this year when I am off school but overall I love to cook then going out to eat cos I think my cooking are much better than restaurant food (not very humble there) and much healthier and we don't have to wait a long time to be served. Most of my food are less than 30minutes kind of cooking.

    Might be I should set up a 30minutes food blog ?

  5. Yes Jamy you should set up a blog to put those 30 minutes recipes. I usually spend around 1 hour to cook icluding the preparation time.

  6. Will look into it.