Monday, March 26, 2007

Pre-wedding counselling

We were asked to attend a one day pre-wedding counselling. Overall it was good as we talked about many important topics that will somehow appear in our daily life after marriage.

There were 8 pairs of couples. The organisers said there used to have more, but it seems that more and more people choose to get married only in the town hall and not having the religious wedding.

I think this is quite similar to those wedding seminars in Malaysia, mandatory for the muslims but not non-muslims.

At one point I was bored bcos I couldn't understand well the doctor who explained about the childbirth related issues. Then during a group debate, I wish so much that I speak French like my mother tongue, as I wanted to participate but got hold off by the fluency of the language. I imagine that I will be more proactive if the counselling were taken place in English or Mandarin.

Anyway, I think every couple should go to this kind fo counselling.

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